I am a multifaceted educator and healer, and have taught many workshops over the past 15 years in the bay area. My specialties include the following:

* Tantra * Personal Growth * Massage * Women’s Spirituality * Relationships * Chakra journeying * Sacred Sexuality

And more soon! Please check out my CALENDAR page for upcoming events, as well as read below to see what I’ve done up until now. Blessings and can’t wait to meet you soon!


Earthy Erotica Women’s Earth-based Moon Gatherings ( (3/2019-2/2020)  San Francisco CA

Transformative Massage Through the Chakras(8/29, 2019) Burning Man

Passionate Movement Through the Chakras(2/21, 4/25, 8/28, 9/19, 2019) Oakland CA, Burning Man, & Soul Play Fall Fest

Transformative Massage for Couples(2014-2016) Enchanted Forest festival

Vulnerability as a Sexual Catalyst (2013, 2014) Burning Man, Enchanted Forest festival

Women’s Sexual Awakening and Awareness (2/19-2/21, 2010) Richmond, CA

Tantric Touch and Connection(8/8, 2009) Portland Erotic Arts Fest, Portland OR

The Art of Tantric Kissing(Feb 2008, April 2008, August 2009) SF Bay Area, Hawaii, Portland OR

Women’s Pagan Sabbat Gatherings(2006-2011) San Francisco CA

Sacred Touch Massage For Women(2003-2005) Oakland CA

Therapeutic Massage workshop (2001) Idaho Rainbow Gathering